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September 30, 2004



This is the stuff my worst nightmares are made of. Getting that far, hoping against hope, and then...
This is devastating. I am so sorry for what Sara is going through.
Just horrible.


That is so terrible. I am so sorry for your friend/acquaintance.

What a true nightmare.


I am so sorry for your friend. No one should have to go through that.


That is awful, just awful. I will keep her and her husband in my prayers. I know that the upcoming weeks will be especially painful and I hope that they will be surrounded by loved ones.

Katie at Empty Uterus


I'm having a hard enough time not being able to sustain a pregnancy and mourning over that. I cannot imagine the horror of this, I just cannot. I'm am crying for someone I've never met and I pray and wish them strength through this horrible time.

The fact that she just 'knew' something was wrong is the thing that makes it hardest because people cannot understand why you are fretting so and then when it's realized, it's just that more devestating. It's how I know I'll never have children, it's that same 'knowing'. Grief takes time and she will need a lot of love and support and I pray she has a good network in place.

Why? Why do these things have to happen?


I can kind of relate, and my heart bleeds for her. It is an indescribable type of pain. One that forever changes you.

So sorry.


I can't imagine the hell of that, and I know someone who went through it, also at 8 months.

My heart bleeds for her, too.



How does anyone ever recover from such an event?

Quite honestly, you don't.

If you're comfortable, you might write a note letting her know about Compassionate Friends. It's a support group for parents whose child(ren) have died. It was helpful for me (initally, then I moved into a different direction.)

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