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October 27, 2004



Good post. I'm so sorry for Sara. And you're right, having another baby born so soon after is going to be awful. She's lucky to have a friend who understands all this.

Wonderful news for Cecil and Jane.

And I hope Cecil isn'this real name.


Thank you for the wonderful post.

It seems sometimes that we are sitting on a thin dime and we can either roll on the joy or grief side and both are incredibly life changing.

It was interesting to note that your friend was telling you about the inappropriate things people have said and she didn't even realize it when she was saying the same to you! Oh well....


Just goes to show, I guess, that we can all be fuckwads sometimes, even when we get it and are basically great people.


So sorry for Sara, and so happy for "Cecil and Jane." Thank you for sharing this, and for your perspective as an adoptee.

Anna H.

Yes, thank you for the post and your perspective.



What a beautiful post about Cecil and Jane.

I'm still grieving for Sara and cannot get her story out of my mind.



It's a fuck of a lot more fun to be on the joy side of the fence.


Dead Bug

Lovely post. My heart is breaking for Sara while it is singing for Cecil and Jane. Such a juxtaposition.


I feel so terrible for Sarah too. I can't even imagine what that feels like. I'm glad you shared the happy adoption story as a contrast. I need to hear as many as those as possible! Keep 'em coming.

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