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February 14, 2005



I'm with you with the junior-high blue-jean flashbacks -- "Ooooh, Sergio!"

I enjoy your blog because you seem so much like me -- early forties, trying to decide, after multiple miscarriages, whether it's time to hang it up and just live my life.

Under whatever title (and I love "laughter and forgetting"), I'm a fan!


Anna H.

Laughter and Forgetting works!

Here with you, Patricia...



You are so awesome! I am soooo glad you are still blogging.

I hope you are well.


Oh, thank god! All my favorite infertiles are either pregnant, adopting, or expecting in other ways. What happened to that hopeless group hug I once felt lingering here, the tragic "infertility Island" that kept sending people off and welcoming them sadly back again.

Everybody I know in the real world is pregnant, my brother's wife (Oh no! Not another!) my sister-in-law so fetching as her belly swells from her petite frame, all three of my project managers at work have pregnant wives, little do they know the death knell recently rung for my depleted ovaries, as my alarming FSH numbers crack the roof just above my cubicle. They banter to one another over my head, sharing the brotherhood of impending fatherhood. ARGH! After all that I want to come here to blog land and wallow in the sheer self-indulgent grouchiness and unbridled pissiness of feeling profoundly gyped. Why is getting pregnant so hard for me when it is so effortless for the slighted mammal that crawls on the planet! Thank you for not being pregnant, for providing that island of fellowness to my cranky, cr@ppy never-will-be-pregnant self.


Love it. And you but just a little bit.


Um...pregnant but love your blog, so I'l be lurking (at the very least), OK?

To Wavery: this is the second or third blog where I've commented right after you. You just had to get a word in first, didn't you?
: ) Love you too.


Laughter and forgetting is a lovely title. (rings a little like mine, lost and finding, so of course I like it. :-)) I'm really just glad you are deciding to continue writing. You are one of my staple "reads", you know.

Oh, and you are safe at my blog. No pregnancies happening there.

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