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March 10, 2005



Boo! Boo for having to work! Boo for Hillary Swank's weirdo dress! Boo! Hiss! Boo for familiy's who forget birthday's! Boo for Soper for remembering but thinking "I don't want to bother P on her birthday".

Yay for Patti posting! Yay!


I didn't like her weird dress either and, heresy, but there is such a thing as too thin. Her back was so boney that it looked creepy. Ugh.

Happy, happy belated birthday.


Happy belated birthday!

My family forgets all the time too. One time even moved on me without telling me where (yeah, seriously). I'm just so used to it now, but it still hurts.

Glad you got a chance to post, I've missed you.



Happy Birthday from total stranger that shares your birthday and penchant for blazingly short pregnancies and really enjoys your blog (you're not the only one wanton in the long sentence department...). Hope things ease up soon, take care.


Happy belated Birthday!
I hope things improve, I used to like being in the juice because I always knew it was gonna end.
*singing* "Always look on the bright side of life" by Monty Python


Happy, happy birthday!!! That sucks your family didn't do more. I hope you are well.

Thinking of you.


I sure hope next week is better for you too. Geez!
You and my hubby have the same birthday. Cool!
I hope you like the books you got at least. What a bummer.
Happy Late Birthday!


Happy belated birthday! I'm sorry your family didn't pull through for you. That kind of sucks. Reminds me of 16 Candles.

And, you know, I didn't like Hilary Swank's dress either. I kept thinking, well, maybe it looks better in person, or something.

Hope you chop your way out of the weeds soon. We miss you. Heidi


Yeah, I thought that dress was ugly too. Also, she would have done better with a softer hairstyle, because even with those gigantic boobs, she looked a little masculine.

Happy belated birthday.


Glad you are still around. I missed you.

Anna H.

Happy Birthday, Patricia!

Hope you get a bit of a break soon...


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