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June 29, 2005



You Are Very Very Very Pretty!!!

Now can I have some pictures?

Anna H.

Oooooh, I love finally seeing a real picture of my favorite bloggers, not just the one in my head.

I imagine you to be tall with shoulder-length blonde hair and green eyes. I have no idea why.

Now, may I please see how right or wrong I am?


Susan / holdingpattern

I always imagined you with short, stylish dirty blonde hair, about 5'7", athletic to thin build, no glasses, great teeth, not too much makeup, and very pretty.


I'll bite. I see you as slim and medium-height, with good facial bones and a clear jawline unblurred by flab. Your hair is dark and smooth, cut at about chin length, and your skin is fair. Blue eyes, glasses dark frames, kind of chunky and no makeup.

I'm pretty sure I'm dead bang on. Oh, yes.


Ah, yes! The name Heidi throws everyone off. I should never have posted pictures. It's nice to be blond for awhile, even if it IS only in people's imaginations. (You must have missed my Sasquatch post...the problems of being hairy. Most blonds don't have that problem to my knowledge. My mom is 100% German and my dad is %100 Italian. The Italian genes won, clearly.

Oh, and thanks for reffering to me as "exotic". I like that. Very sexy sounding. Um... which is not really 'me', but I can pretend.

OK, let's see. I have always pictured you tall with short hair. Sort of a cool, messy-curly style, light brown. Your eyes are brown too. You have straight teeth and a wide, friendly smile. You dress in LL Bean type clothes, but not the nerdy kind, more the hiker-style. I call it "hiker-hippy." (That's kind of my style, so you can see I am totally transferring myself onto you. It's a compliment. It means I see us as kindred spirits.) Oh, and you don't wear glasses.

OK, so where's my picture, please?


I'd say short (no idea why I think you are short), petite, glasses - square frames, brown hair shoulder length, straight. Strong face, brown eyes.

Biggish boobs.

Do I win?


I always wonder this too. Okay, I always imagined you as having short(ish) dark blonde hair. No mom cuts, but nothing too trendy. Pretty and you look younger than your age. Maybe brown or green eyes. And being tall and of average weight.

Me: I'm short (like 5'2"), small frame, with short, dark brown hair. Blue eyes. No freckles although I'm getting one of those pesky spots you get from the sun on my jawline. Slavic looking, I'm often told. A little chunky right now. I must confess, I have almost no ass to speak of but I do have big knockers which are famous in several southern states and which are still, I'm told, missed by at least one ex-boyfriend and an ex-husband. Pity I married a leg man.

I have no idea why I talk about my large ass. Perhaps it's wishful thinking. I've always wanted a big, round booty.


Well, I know you don't eat over your feelings, so I think you are medium to thin. You definately have dark hair. Hazel eyes. Annie McDowell's smile comes to mind.

Oh, and I'll take the Valium. No pee sticks.

B. Mare

I imagine you as having dark brown chin length hair, cut into a sort of long bob, big easy going smile, large intelligent brown or hazel eyes, medium height, and not too much makeup. Close? In the ballpark?


OK, so I cheated, I already know what you look like from your 15 minutes of fame. But I must say it was almost exactly what I pictured you would look like -- only I guess I thought you were a little shorter. Don't know why...

My hair is the almost exactly the color of chocolate, or espresso. It is very dark, with lots of dark red running through it.

I would eat my hair if I could...

Dead Bug

The picture I have of you is probably dead wrong, but here goes: tall, slim, athletic, dark brown hair, brown eyes, angular face, minimal makeup, no glasses, simple hip-but-not-trendy clothes. Basically, it's a mental picture that I'm jealous of.



Hmmmm...wavy chocolate brown hair, maybe with a bit of red. Brown eyes, cool glasses, heart shaped face, about 140 lbs.
And I'll take the valium, please.


This is so funny...

I found you through Crazy Cat Woman - I just posted about this SAME thing and also referenced the book/character imagery as you had!

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