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July 07, 2005



For Julie? A troll-zapper, no question. Taser gun. Stun gun. Poisoned darts with native dart blower. All of these. And then some Valium.


Man. Okay, so I was off on some things, but don't I get extra points for saying you look younger than you are?

I think Julie already got her prize--her gorgeous, 20 pound baby.

Twenty pounds! That's a big one.


I forgot to play! I am sorry that I did not. I soooo wanted to see a picture because I love putting a face with all the writing.


I'm sorry I didn't weigh in on the looks contest, I want a photo too. What piques my curiosity is the "15 minutes of fame" Soper referred to. What did I miss?


Hey, my email is on my site and on my name here (I think). Let me know if you can't find it.


Ugh...I stay away too long and I miss the fun of a contest. What a bummer. I would love to see a pic if you are comfortable sending me one. I'm sure you are as beautiful as your writing!


A 45 lb. bag of used dental floss. You may or may not have that kind of booty lying about, but you could ask your readers to send in what they have, and with any luck, you'll be able to collect the requisite 45 lbs. I'll start saving mine now.

Julie will thank me for this.


Mm, floss.

I want a picture!

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