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November 27, 2005


Anna H.

I really needed to hear this today. Thank you, Patricia.



I wanted to be a success story as well. Sometimes, I feel like it is a crap shoot, other times, I think I am cursed.

Chris is just being dealt the motherload right now, and she keep her humour!

Both of you are an inspiration. Thank you.


It's so wonderful to see one blogger sticking up for another. Chris is in such a rough spot between miscarriage and family issue.

As some of the few fellow SIF bloggers that I've found, we all have such different stories - me, never a miscarriage and probably too old for success now anyway. I guess I would wish for youth, time enough that trying might be fruitful.

I hope for the best for you and Chris seeking siblings for your sons, like me, how ever that success might be defined.


Thank you for your kind words. I think a lot about the peace that must come, eventually, from giving up. But right now, that kind of peace is something I can only imagine others experiencing. I remember someone saying once that they would quit when trying became harder than quitting. Right now, quitting is unimaginable and trying, no matter how bad it gets, doesn't hurt enough, I suppose.

By the way, I'm not brave or persistent, just pig-headed.

Thank you again. And take care.


You're so right about this. I just found out about our infertility and we are just in the shocked and sorting out our emotions phase. I haven't shared the news with anyone except my aunt, including my blog because I just don't know how I feel yet.
When I told my aunt, the first thing she said was "you can always adopt" and when I said at this point that's not an option due to the time factor, she said "Oh, you don't have to get a baby". I can see why some women with infertility don't like to share the information with anyone. This is going to be a long road isn't it.


Patricia, so perfectly, beautifully put. When I started, my friends were encouraging - "Oh you'll be a success"! As time continues on they no longer say that and they no longer call.


Well said. After a while I didn't even bother to tell anyone about the miscarriages. It was easier for me that way and nobody knew what to say after my third, fourth, or fifth in a row. Or rather, what they would have said (what some people were saying even after my second one), I didn't really want to hear.

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