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August 25, 2004



850 for me.

I believe that your pain is more important to you than anyone else because it's yours. It's all relative, and there's always going to be someone in the world who has it worse than you. Doesn't mean that your pain isn't important or relevant.
I have to make a conscious effort not to compare my pain or situation to others. (Doesn’t always work- but I’m trying)
good post!


What a great post. I don't know if comparing pain is always about minimizing others', or trying to one-up other people with one's own pain. I think often it's a subconscious thing that helps guide how we interact with others sensitively. E.g., if someone's in a much better place than I am, I know he/she might not mind hearing about my sorrows at relative length. If someone's in a much worse place, I know to keep my stuff to a relative minimum and concentrate on him/her. These are extreme examples, of course -- I agree that often we're all going through our own, unique pain. Thanks again for a great post.

Randomness abroad

THIS IS COMPLETE BULLSHIT! this post sucks serious ass, i mean, pain is more than your lame ass and their childern, or lack-there-of. OH, MY GOD, i think ill add a million zillion points just for being pregnant with 7 babies and then shitting them out 8 months early( * cough* aborion * cough cough*) not that I care, its your view and im not going there. But honestly, if all pain consists of preganncies and failed attempts at children, you are seriously warped.

thanks again for clogging the internet with shit that I was stupid enough to waste my time reading.

A sterotypical male

Well, just becuase it was there, I took the test. Guess what I scored, a 0. I guess that means that I have never had to suffer pain in my life and everything is going swell. Just becuase life is hard in the aspect of child birth doesn't mean that we have to complain and pretend that our pain is more important to others. We all have pain. Deal with it! There is no point in going on about potential that was lost. But what would I know? I', a male. My evil penis prevents me from forming my own opinion and being able to understand emotions.


Please, don't get your heads in a twit.

These posts about pain are on a blog about TRYING TO CONCEIVE. Their tenants would be the same translated to blogs about living with epilepsy, or soldiers returning home from war, or becoming a quadraplegic after being in an accident with a drunk driver. The pain referenced here is just a small, small, snipet of the pain that all humans feel.

Yes, pain is more than not being able to have children. But this blog is only about not being able to have children. Nothing else.

And, just because my husband has a penis and can't get pregnant, doesn't mean that his pain in our 2 1/2 years of trying to have children isn't as great as mine. Men want children too, and he would make a damn fine father.


as a lesbian, do I get extra bonus points for having to just basically skip Phase one? And do we then get extra points for over 14 medicated and failed IUI's? With donor sperm? different ones?

Great post.



I'm an even 1000, it seems...
I've often thought about this subject and have never been able to put it into words like this. Don't know if you'd call it a "game" but I rememebr discussing things like what bad things you would prefer to have happen to you, like would you prefer to be paralyzed from the waist down or lose your eyesight or whatever... I look at that exercise as a stupid, stupid waste of time because it can all be filed under "things that absolutely SUCK" and it doesn't matter which is served up to you, it all hurts. Same with this stuff. And extra props for "stereotypical male" for being everything he described himself as. And no you can't blame your evil penis. That's just the way you are, sweetie...


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1450 for me. Great post.

I always struggle with this, having a close friend who has suffered recurrent miscarriages. I always think she wins that 'poor war' but because she has one child, and I have none, she thinks I win.

It's all relative.

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Well, if i sum pain points, i think it's pretty big.



That's common all time we do that to compare the pain of others with our pain because that's the people's tendency, by the way interesting post a little bit weird but good.


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