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August 28, 2004



I absolutely love it when someone finds (and points out) the light in all of the darkeness. These people are the light, and I only wish we ALL had more like them in our lives. I'm so grateful for the people in mine like these that you describe, and sometimes I need reminders that they've been there. Jesus, I'm crying. What's wrong with me this morning? Thanks for this, too. :)


That was such a beautiful post. I don't have many friends who 'get' it, but the few that do, I cherish with all my heart and I never let a moment to remind them of that ever slip by (even if it's just a simple card to say hello).

You're lucky to have so many nice people who are so supportive in your life.


I salute all the good ones, everywhere.



Can you see me right now? Oh you can't??? Well I am saluting YOU!

And in the words of the immortal Debbie Boone "You light up my life".

And I am really glad that you have people that "get it" in your life.



Amen sista.


Parallel lives ... are we in the same book club?


What a beautiful post!

The "wheat from the chaff" is so incredibly true.

You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

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