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December 20, 2005



I'm so, so sorry. I'm thinking of you. It's an especially tough time of year to be hit with this.


Oh Patricia, I'm very sorry to read of this horrible news, especially at this festive time of the year.

All the stress of her health, and then to deal with Maria. AS IF one needs to deal with her when one has even the word cancer in the sentence. A sack of coal is in order for her.


Anna H.

I am so, so sorry that your family is grappling with this.

I'm thinking about your MIL.



Another example of the idiots that work in the health care system. Anyone missing the Compassion Gene should not be in this position. I'm sorry and will be checking back for news on an appointment soon.


Keeping your MIL in my thoughts.


I've had computer woes so this is my first chance to check in. I'm so sorry about your MIL. So sorry.

Whenever I see those ads for Bry!man Coll!ege that advertises how great it is to be a medical worker I snarl and wonder aloud if there is a special course on how to be a bitch who works at a fertility clinic -- because they MUST have special courses on how to pummel people when they're at their most vulnerable. I see now that you can go on to a very distinct sub-speciality where you can be an insensitive bitch AND it's a life and death situation. I'm so sorry you had to go through that. I hope the report comes back with good news.


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