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February 08, 2006



I can't even begin to imagine what you both are going through.

I hope y'all get a nice break and some recharging before the next go'round. Remember to take care of you (perhaps a litle mani/pedi action? a massage? something you love to do?)...you deserve it. Hell, you both do.

Lut C.

Stressful times, there's no doubt about it.

I have trouble throwing away food too, can't see it go to waste.
I learned it from my mother, who learned it from hers. Perhaps my grandmother's experience with the second world war had something to do with it, but I wouldn't know.
My husband comes from a family where leftovers were routinely thrown out. That lead to some tension when we first moved in together, I kid you not.

Enough of my babbling. I hope the vent helped. Take care.

Anna H.

Oh, Patricia this is all so hard.

I'm thinking about you and your family.



Hi Patricia,

It is all so very difficult.

A little over a year ago, I flew back to South Carolina to be with a very close friend of the family. It was absolutely awful. Surreal, in fact.

I remember everyone trying to pretend that all was normal, and I remember everyone wanting so desperately to ease any discomfort and that it just became so forced after a while and how bad I felt for Mary (she was 50 and died within 3 months of having "heartburn") - it was just awful. For me, the most annoying thing was the acquaintances who insisted on taking up her final time, I hated feeling so rude, but her time was so very precious.

It was also a time of great family drama. It is very, very difficult.

Hang in there, thinking of you,



Please please, that's what the blog is for -- bitching.

Take care of yourself.



This blog does not sound 'bitchy' to me at all. It sounds like a loving family trying their best to care for each other during an extremely trying time. All of you sound so wonderful as you cope with the stress of seeing a person you love suffer. Even saints lose patience and feel down in dumps and are stressed out. You are so lucky to have a family that cares about each other. You are so good to reach out, understand and be supportive to all. You don't have to be perfect to be fantastic!


Oh Patricia. Please come here and bitch as much as you need to. Although you are so gracious, "bitching" is stretching it, actually. I'm so sorry this is happening.


This doesn't sound so bitchy! It sounds tired AND loving. What wonderful things you have to say about your mother in law's ability to soothe and support others. It must be so nice for her to have someone to support her as well. It's awesome to see a family that really takes care of each other - warts and all. Bravo!


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