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February 19, 2006



i just adore you


What a lovely post.


You just described how I feel about my son almost perfectly. He is so cool (also 5 years old) that I'm just in awe (and I don't take any credit - genetically or otherwise).


I wonder that too. It's not appropriate to say that to another infertile, but I do wonder sometimes. Because adoption, despite being more difficult than we all previously believed, is just another path on the road to the same thing--having a child. So I don't get it when people say it's not for them. Why biological but not some other method. I guess they have their reasons.

Your little boy sounds adorable.


Oh how I love this post. Why? Because Peanut is learning to use a spoon, and every time he gets a gob of food successfully into his mouth, he claps for himself and hoots like an owl.

And I clap and hoot right along with him...and then I think how incredibly lucky I am to witness this amazing thing. My son learning how to use utensils.

Oh, yes, I get it. Completely.


Absolutely. I want everyone to have this joy, this wonder, and it hurts to think that people who want that for themselves might not have it. So when we who have children see those who want them, without them, we ache, and we want to offer a way to make it real for them. No, it's not "just" adopt, but I really do want to ask sometimes, Are you looking into it? Are you trying to find other ways to become a parent? The question comes from a good place, but I've never found a good way to ask it.


Beautiful. It is so amazing, so wondrous, so magical. I wish everyone could have this.

Anna H.

Oh, how I love your posts, Patricia. This is beautiful.



My daughter is now a little girl. Somewhere in the last 4 and a half years, she became the leggy blond in mismatching outfits. Every day she grows up and away. Everyday I am in awe. Every day I think of the one's that I lost. Every day I get back to work.
I totally and completely get it.


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