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March 05, 2006



Happy Birthday!

It sounds like you have a wonderful plan.

Wishing you all the best,

Anna H.

I will read anything that you might want to write about; I love your writing, your voice, your perspective on life. You are strong and thoughtful and wise.

Happy Birthday, Patricia.


Dead Bug

Like Anna, I will continue to enjoy whatever you feel like writing about. And I wish you great luck in attaining your goals.



Happy belated birthday. Take care.


Happy birthday darling, I hope all of your wishes / objectives come true.


Hey, happy birthday!!


Happy belated birthday. I turn 42 in June and its certain now that we will remain childless. I've also been feeling like I need to reinvent my blog and that will probably mean building up a new audience. I love your idea about turning it into something of a memoir. Take care.

Julia S

Happy belated birthday. I think contemplation and goal setting is always in order. I, too, will read anything you care to write about.


Happy belated birthday. I'll keep reading.


Hope you had a wonderful (as well as contemplative) birthday. I am a huge fan of yoga and it works wonders.
Yoga teaches us to treat ourselves and others with greater kindness, compassion, forgiveness and love. The more you do it the more your world changes!
Think of it as opposite advertising.
Be well,


Lut C.

Happy birthday, many returns of the day. :-)

I can imagine how you might feel a little restless when you read the blogs of us IFs in a completely different phase of the journey. I find it very valuable to read about how others deal with IF, in any phase of the journey, but I admit I stick to smaller doses. :-)

You have a point that there are few IF bloggers in your specific situation.

Are you by any chance familiar with Sandy's blog? http://weightncee.blogspot.com/
Everyone's story is unique in many ways of course, still, some of the feelings she has voiced are similar to things you've written.


Happy birthday! I'm sticking with you - just love your voice and get a lot of insight into adoption from an adoptee's perspective (we are adopting this year).
Thanks for all that you do.


I totally understand the difficulty with birthdays once you hit 40 - I think I will start to celebrate them again once I hit 50.
Please keep on with your blog - the audience is here (although we are not threatening yet - your last post is only a few days old isn't it?)
I find I don't relate to the infertility blogs that much although they did help right after the last miscarriage. I do relate to yours (I'm 43, four miscarriages and one 5 year old son). Your entry on your son's swimming lesson is one of my all time favourites - I am not eloquent enough to adequately express how I feel about my son but you're someone who obviously "gets it".
So, here's to hearing more about your son, your Dad, you and anyone else you blog about (and here's to 42 more fabulous years and being fabulous thorough them).


Happy Belated Birthday from me, too. I remember reading last year about how you stopped trying, and how your husband was feeling about it all. It is good to hear that although you've been hit by so many more crappy things to deal with, you are still working on your second baby together, wherever he or she comes from.


Wonderful plan.
Happy way Belated Bday!


Happy B-day.

I hope you accomplish every goal you set for yourself.


Happy Birthday! I'll still be sticking around as I love your writing and am interested in what you write about whether it's about infertility or not.

Avonlea Spring

I had a lot of these same thoughts at turning 42 a few months ago, the second half of life really does start to come into focus - doesn't it?

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