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March 27, 2006



(Succinct enough?)


Dead Bug

Sing it, sister!

Beautifully and forcefully put.



What a great post!


What a great post!

Lut C.

Thanks for writing this. :-)
I haven't been reading anti-adoption blogs, but have stumbled across some highly critical posts on the subject.

I don't feel called to take the weight of the world on my shoulders just because I'm IF.
Adoption isn't perfect. So?

Clearly, some flaws in the process are inacceptable, while others you can live with. But I still feel it's a valid option as a whole.


Wow, what a fantastic post. Thank you for giving me well needed insights.

We will be adopting from China (hopefully soon!) and I feel it is very important and enlightening to hear adult adoptees experiences and feelings so I can better understand or help our daughter one day. Even if the experiences and feelings are sometimes hard to hear, it is something I need to be aware of.

Thank you.



Couldn't have said it better myself.
Thanks for this post.


Wow. That was beautiful. Well said.


What a thoughtful post. I've found it so hard to work through how I feel about adoption, and my only contact with it so far is having friends who are adopted. You've really made me think.

Julia S



I love that you have such a wonderful perspective and that you've chosen to share it with us. I learn a lot from your writing, thank you.


Wonderful post. As someone who is 41 and also an adoptee, this really resonated for me.

Guy Chambliss

That story about that girl who was adopted from a certain orphanage really moved me. That's one of its main purposes: to give a child a new home. You have to make him or her feel at home as much as possible, and you have to give him or her the love that's needed to strengthen their will to live.

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