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March 21, 2006



Think about it, she was born in 1980. I was in sixth or seventh grade in 1980. I have an intrinsic (and often illogical) distrust in anyone born in the 80's. 79 is okay, just not the anything in the 80's. I totally understand your irritation.


Hate it when the husband gets premenstrual - absolutely hate it.
I remember talking to my students (post-secondary education) a few years ago about the Poll Tax in England (the last one so we're talking 1990) and it took me a while to interpret the blank looks - not one person in the class had a clue what I was talking about and then I realized that they would have been in elementary school at the time.


I think I would have shot myself if at 26 I was forced to marry a 38 year old and renovate houses. Have you ever renovated a house? NOT FUN. She is probably bored to death. Poor thing just wants you to like her. Where is this suburb with all the fake boobs? I thought that was more of an LA thing.

These kids today!



It's obvious she has had a far easier life than you (or most of us), but I'm not envious. I was in the 10th grade in 1980, she's from a whole other generation.


Trip her next time. Just wait for the opportunity, stick out your foot, and trip her.

Seriously, what's she going to do when he decides to leave her for wife #3? She was probably one of his secretaries or a paralegal. He'll be back fishing in that pond again in a few years.

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