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May 10, 2006



What a kind and thoughtful thing to do!


That story made a shiver run down my spine as well. I hope that you get your sign and CancerBaby's loved ones do as well.


I feel very deeply for cancer baby, yourself and all those whose lives are touched by cancer. Having been through diagnosis and treatment myself, I understand the devastation and disruption that ensues.
After my lung was removed, I lay in my hospital bed in the dead of night and sobbed. I was only 36, I had a five month old daughter, I was in pain, unable to move, and bald on top of it all. All of a sudden, a calm came over me and a voice, clear as a bell said "you will walk tomorrow" And I knew. I knew that I would get well. Just like that. And if that isn't evidence that there is something out there greater than ourselves, then I don't know what is.
Continued strenght to all touched by this devastating disease.


Lut C.

That's an amazing story. Soothing somehow in the face of such tragedy.


This was a lovely post, and I am sad she will not get to read it. And sad that you had to write it in the first place. I cannot believe she is dying, it is unfair, it is unreal. I know life isn't abt fairness but it is still hard to accept.

I believe in signs as well. Mine was a butterfly and it saved my sanity. Still does.

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