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June 08, 2006



The adoption.com web site is run by extremely right-wing folks but unfortunately it's also the best adoption resource on the 'net as far as gathering in real life info. It might be worth lurking a bit on the international boards just to get an idea. I have a friend adopting from Ethiopia right now (she did a domestic adoption with her son) and it looks like a fairly easy process and they will get a daughter who will be less than a year old. There are, of course, unique issues to Ethiopia (many of the children are malnourished, for example, and both parents need to travel -- they will be bringing their son so that means some extra planning). They're using Dove.

Also I wanted to invite you to come be a part of the AnotherChild.com blog. I'm hoping to really bring in diverse voices/stories/resolutions and you would be so very welcome there!!!


Patricia-We adopted our dd from China in 2003 and she was 12.5 months old the day we met her. The wait time for China now is getting close to what it was for us back then.

I know that our agency's Vietnam program just recently reopened.

Feel free to email me and I will share more re. our experiences with our agency as well as dd's adjustment and attachment to us.


My husband and I adopted from Guatemala and it was a fantastic experience. We went through Jewish Family & Children Services (you do not have to be Jewish to use them) and they were a dream to work with. We brought our son home at 5 months old.

I will say that there are some serious problems facing Guatemalan adoptions right now. If you like - we can discuss them offline.

I wish you all of the luck in the world. It's not an easy road to travel but you are already used to a hard road. You may have some peace in knowing that at the end of this process, you will have a child. I know it did for me.


I am so pleased that you are able to look into the other options.

My husband is still not there.....sigh.

Thinking of you,

Lut C.

Having a dream to cling to is good.

The closest thing I've done to research on adoption, is read some adoption blogs. Maybe next year I'll start looking into it more.


I've read some books, done a bit of research, but less than you, probably so I'm no help. But I wanted to say that I'm glad you're thinking about this. It all seemed so un-closed for you last year.


A member at our church adopted from Vietnam six (??) years ago, and brought home a very young infant. Five months? Younger? He (single father) was very happy with his agency and the in-country adoption process. But it's my understanding that the process has changed lately, so I look forward to reading more as you do your research.

I would be so happy for you if you decided to move forward with this. Best wishes!


I have no experience but wanted to say I'm so pleased to see you moving in this new, hopefully positive, direction. It's a long road (my sister has two domestically adopted kids), but it has it's own rewards.


Mostly a lurker. We have a son (biological) born in 1997 and a daughter (born in 2002) who was adopted from Eastern Europe in 2003. In between them, I had 4 miscarriages between 10 and 17 weeks gestation. Two months ago I had miscarriage #5. Our daughter was not a second choice. She was not second best. She was a second chance for us to have another child. International adoption isn't easy and, like pregnancy, there are no guarantees. If you choose to pursue it, you will never regret it--even the hard parts. Your child is YOUR CHILD, no matter how they arrive in your arms.


Hi. Check out Bring Me Mia. I link to her on my blog. She's a wonderful person, one of my Thursday night Resolve buddies; I'm sure she wouldn't mind you emailing her.


Oh, I did want to mention that with Vietnam, the wait is shorter than China and that the babies are younger. Apparently, the US got together with Vietnamese officials and worked out some kinks in the program, so it's a highly efficient machine.

Good luck. I think this is wonderful news and I'm hoping a certain someone comes around to 100%.

kathy c

We adopted a 15 month old girl from Russia last October. We chose Russia because I have Russian heritage, the age of the child (at the time we started the process children were generally 6-8 months old at time of adoption but law changed mid-way through so now generally are toddlers). I was very hesitant about the two trip requirement but it turned out to be OK. We used an agency in our state (CT). We went to a few information sessions at different agencies and liked this one the best.

We have had no issues with attachment and our daughter was in good health when we adopted her. The only issue is that she is very small- which apparently is typical of kids from Russia. We did find out that her birth mom is very petite herself so since she is healthy we figure she is just going to be small. Our daughter is an absolute joy and we are so happy we adopted. We are hoping to adopt again in a year or so. Best of luck to you.


Hi there,

I stumbled upon your blog through Spinarella's and wanted to let you know that I have a virtual friend who is adopting from Vietnam. They're not too far into the process, but far enough that you might want to check out her blog to see what they've faced and how things are turning out. You can find her at http://ourttc2journey.blogspot.com/

Lots of luck to you - I hope your dream comes true.


I'm sorry.


Hi, my husband and I are in the process of adopting a baby girl from Vietnam. You can request age and gender if you desire, the time frames are better than most, and so far it has been smooth. We are waiting for a referral. Our agency is Dillon International and we have found them to be terrific.

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