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July 28, 2006



I am sorry you have been through so much in such a short time- it really does take years for a new normal to be defined after so much death in rapid succession. And I hear you on just wanting to so desparately to have another child to love and hold- shouldn't you at least be granted that if you have to go through all this pain? It is just too cruel of life/God/the fates to take away so much and not give anything to ease the pain.

I hear you lady, on all fronts (grief, wanting to adopt, wondering, as I approach 9 years of infertility if we'll ever be done, etc.) Sending hugs!


Of course its important for both parents to be on the same page when embarking on something as huge as adoption, and I hope you won't consider this assvice, but keep in mind that it is a LONG process. And you (and your life) will never be completely ready for the adoption process to start/be in the middle of/end. The one thing you will know going in is that you WILL bring home a baby, which is a hell of a lot more than the old-fashioned way can say for itself. (P.S. Forgive the grammatical errors and dangling participles, its been a hard day.)


You never know. Hopefully you'll have good friends all along the road, though.

I'm sorry there's been such a deluge of grief and loss. I hope the kitchen turns around, the adoption paperchase goes smoothly, and you're in a much different, much better place soon.


I'm so very sorry that you've had so very many losses in a short span.

I can overly relate to getting the kitchen done. I know when I was in the midst of mine, I just craved a day without workers. And the money! It just flew out the new windows and new doors.

I read the Infertile Gourmet's blog these days and all I see is happiness and joy there. And want to get me some of that. Sounds like you do as well.

Lut C.

I hope things return to normal soon, after all the things you've been through.

Adoption is on my mind now and again. I haven't started researching it yet. I'm keeping that for next year.


Life sucks! Especially when it decides to 'pile on' the heartaches. You really are doing great dealing with all of it but it can seem like an unending stream of loss and disappointments - like a rainstorm that never goes away. The fact that you can still write about these things is a good sign. I know it is a cliche but 'this too shall pass'. And we will still be here for you.

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