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August 21, 2006



Oh Patricia.

It is just so very much sometimes. What you and your family have had to endure is unthinkable.

Know that so many people care and wish there was something we could do.

It completely sucks.

Thinking of you,


I wish I could make it stop. You would be at the top of my list. I can't believe how much you've had on your proverbial plate. And how much it has truly sucked.

I know that dark place all too well. It has such a strong power. Thinking so much of and for you.


Wow- that's a whole lot on your plate. I'm sorry its so very stressful and depressing. Aging/sick parents, money problems, unresolved/lingering IF- that's a lot going on in the brain at one time. I hope you can find a way to work through it all. Thinking of you.


Thank-you for posting. I tend to get a little worried (obsessively) when someone is going through a rough time and stops writing.
My son is starting kindergarten in a couple of weeks and I so know how you feel about seeing all the potential siblings. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around all the miscarriages without just going down for the count.
Please try to take care of yourself (it's easy to forget about with everything else you're dealing with right now).

Lut C.

I don't know what to say. I hope things start improving soon, and that your sadness fades.


Dear G-d,

This is ridiculous. Please stop being mean to Patricia. Now.




Sometimes it just seems like everything gets thrown at us all at once, doesn't it? I hope you catch a break soon, and at the very least have some warm fuzzy goodness to lift your spirits a little. Thinking of you (and your family).


Good god what a load--I will pray that your load gets lightened in the days to come, if that is okay....



i haven't been around in awhile... but you were on my mind the other day. weird how Inet connections are weak, yet viable.anyways, i'm sorry you are going through this. what words can i offer? i don't know, but if you want to talk i'm here.


I'm sorry. I hope it changes for you soon.


Ugh what a shitload of crap you're having to deal with. I do wish I knew how to make it stop.


I'm so sorry. You've had such a long, hard stretch. I hope life changes for the much better soon.

the king of sorrow

life sucks, tired of life needs .
the money make it hard very hard.

extreme magic sing

I'm sorry to hear those words...i know you can make just believe in yourself,we all know that this is not easy but if you have faith you can survive on that condition.


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